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Friday, September 22, 2006

The story begins

I've come to the virtual world of Second Life some time ago. I was just walking around for a long time, didn't know what exactly to do. Sitting on the money chairs, visiting events, meeting people... I've seen some marvelous places, but I felt that's not enough. Something was missing. I felt like bored teenager, walking the neigborhood, doing nothing reasonable and waiting for something to happen.
Then I discovered Caledon, Victorian steampunk city. Seemed like perfect place to me. Lots of steampunk gadgets, victorian dresses (which by the way doesn't fit me at all, I'm a plus sized girl and in each skirt I look just like Zeppelin - why there are the same problems with fashion designers in Second life like in real life? They just couldn't imagine their dresses to be worn by somebody else than barbie dolls!), but still there was something missing.
A story.
Than one day, when I was looking for some nice little steambot to have a company, on a table in Armord laboratories I've found an old map of Salazar Jack. And that moment changed everything...
(to be continued)