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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Babbage Gallery

My gallery in Babbage Canals is finally set up, soon it will be filled with more pictures. (And more advertising posters, which are freebies, of course...)
The attic will be filling up also, right now inhabited only by several mouses and spiders... But I have left my diary there, also as a freebie...

Other than that, I rented a small gallery space on Cetus Gallery District, one of the most prominent gallery areas. I'm still not quite sure if anybody would be interested in my photographs...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moving in Babbage Canals

After long long break, I'm finally back. Again, it's impossible to keep tracks of all things which has happened during the last weeks...Caledon is in war with Neualtenburg; this has been covered by many journal entries and I hope I'll bring some links to them in very near future. Other than that, the biggest airship the world has ever seen, Caledon Steam city has been built and with no doubts it's a most wonderful part of whole Caledon yet. In Babbage, a new Canal District has been opened, And although I'd love to purchase the parcel in the Steam City, it's still a little too expensive for me.
So in the end I've rented one of the small row houses in Babbage Canals...

I'm still moving in. The whole area is still been build, I'm just a little aware of the railroad, which, according to plans, should lead just next to my house. The house is really small, but everything has to start somewhere, and this place seems fine. In the ground floor I'd like to have a gallery of my photograph, and under the attic... well, this place has a scent of some mystery there. In the meantime, I'll store there some stuff I've found on my journeys.

Last but not least, I've finally found good traveller shoes which fits me. This quest took me more time that you'd ever imagine... you won't believe how difficult it is when you're not size zero. By the way, this airship is Mr. Reymont vessel, docked on the rooftop of Caledon Adventures Club.