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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Discovery of the obelisk

The day when I found the old map on the table of Armord Lab changed my life in Second Life world. I mean – it's the proper beginning of the story, right? “One day I found a mysterious map in the back room of a laboratory...” The map, and the note written by Salazar Jack, described a discovery of an strange artifact on a little island not faraway from the shores of Rodeo, an ancient monolith with some old mysterious text. It appeared nobody is able to translate it. I was excited! Of course I set up to journey immediately!

I located the island and found the monolith. It was half buried under the ground, only one side completely visible. The text was in the language I was familiar with, it didn't take too long to translate it. “Here in this place, three races begin a guest for peace...” Seemed that on the island and maybe on the land which is known by these days as Rodeo somewhere in the past a long war was brought to end, and three nations joined on their quest for peace. I was thrilled! Of course I wrote to Salazar Jack about my success. “Excellent”, was his answer. “Have you already red about forest of Kahruvel?” And he send me some links. Damn! Reading the materials and the history of the forest, I understood the text was translated years ago! And I was so proud of myself!
I felt desperate for a while, but after I started to realize there is still lots of things to uncover. The mystery of Kahruvel ruins is still far from being solved, cleared and described. Even if this attempt was useless, it doesn't matter. My story already has begun...