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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Airships. If you wanna adventures, you'll need airship. Don't tell me there could be some adventure without a proper airship, that's ridiculous. Dozens of them could be find floating across Caledon sky and some of them I'll try to introduce here.
Myself, I own only two small vehicles. The Airship Pharaone I was given as a present from Grey Nolder, gentleman who I haven't met since then (I wish there would be more real gentlemen like him, walking the streets and giving out the aircrafts to the ladies). It's a practical explorer's airship, very small, easy to operate, yet a little unpleasant in a cold weather (nothing a good cup of hot chocolate couldn't fix).

Mr. Nolder came from Dogfight Atoll. I traveled there to find him again, unsuccessfully, but the Atoll is surely place worth seeing, speaking of aircrafts, especially the wreck of the huge Zeppelin Pandora on the shore of Last Ditch Lagoon is very impressive. Maybe I'll try to find more about that disaster...

Above the island hover several hangars, all of them were empty during my visit, but I'm sure they are not abandoned – there were tracks of recent construction activity...

Back to my vehicles: my second ship is the Cloudshifter from Scurvy Tower. Although it's capable to move both in the air and under the water, I usually use it only as a submarine, it seems to be designed more for that purpose, and in the air it's sometimes more difficult to operate it than in the water.

By the way – Scurvy Tower: one of the best place to purchase airship, if you don't count Abbots aerodrom of course. Located near the shores of Yurim, raising from the sea, it contains several floors of aircrafts and hot-air balloons of all sizes.

Another great merchant specialized on Airships is Kyyp Fredrickson, his huge store is floating above the Caledon Cay. He's got second store also, located in the Cowel village near Kahruvel forest... Strange, seems everytime I write about something, I end up with Kahruvel. I have to return there as soon as possible.

More on airships next time...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Rise Of Caledon

It's almost impossible to keep track of every important thing happening in Caledon in last weeks. This year's ball season just started (detailed reports with lots of pictures can be found for example in Mr. Pearse's excellent journal) and it seems each week there is opportunity for a new event to be held. A new airships are flying over city roofs (which I will explore closer next time), and Mr. Reymont was charged with establishment of an Adventure club, a central place for Caledonian explorers. He appeared to be an excellent architect and the building looks fabulous even now, before opening to public. A new vehicles can be seen in the streets and in the skyes (I haven't inspected shores yet, but I'm sure something can be find even there). And when I spotted a device apparently intended as an underground vehicle, I started to wonder where it will end...

The rise of Caledon is so rapid some great buildings and inventions last only for several days and then give up their place to new ones, like this magnificent sunglass, which was capable to light the candle apparently only by force of the sun, and which stayed on it's place only couple of days...

It's allmost time to launch out for new journeys. I've mentioned here the letters from Ms Begonia's and Mr Avalanche's journeys already. Reading them I decided I can't wait any longer with exploration. Unlike most of the great Caledonian explorers, I'll focus mainly on the islands. The legendary wild gardens of Svarga seems to be a good starting point, although they have been covered by detailed description of Ms Begonia already. I've met her – briefly – at an Wheel & Hub Inn opening in Mayfair, with her husband Alfonso Avalanche, former circus strongman, and Dr. Sputnik. I shall visit doctor's “cabinet” one day, an device designated either for transportation to far places, and apparently also for scaring poor pixies by it's malfunction. (Have I mentioned Ms Begonia is a pixy? I haven't seen any real pixy yet, but it only means I really should move off...)