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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Caledon Impressions

During my journeys I often visit The Independent State of Caledon, a remarkable town with lots of places of interest. I'll surely write more about the city and it's residents in the future, because there is something interesting literally on every corner. I often walk it's streets, in times when I need some little rest from my journeys.
Recently, when I was exploring Caledon cemetery and talking with one rather annoying ghost, I've met a young aristocrat named Carricre Wind. She was pretty new in Caledon, and she seemed to show as much excitement as I did during my first encounter with this city. We've met again, later the same day, while I was admiring a new Time machine exhibited in front of Tesla Associates. I joined her and a Mr. Per Lagerkvist, a very skillful inventor, in nice conversation about aircrafts and balloons. Mr. Lagerkvist showed us a very fine skycopters and in the end he arrange a short trip in his balloon over the rooftops of Caledon. Maybe this could be a promise of future team expeditions, who knows?

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