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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The meeting of a Steampunk club

Something new is on it's way, something big is going to happen. The foundation of a city! I was there, at the meeting of Steampunk society, on Caledon's manor, just beneath the house of professor Gould, floating in the air.
I was standing above the model of the city with fellow members of Steampunk club, drinking champagne and listen to great plans of a future. And all the members of the Steampunks seemed to be a true extraordinary ladies and gentlemen, as you can see by yourself from the photographs I've made that evening.
Anyway, one thing is clear: it seems that very, very soon, the foundation-stone will be deposed and a new city will arise. A big, industrial city, unlike Caledon's peaceful countryside (which is lovely, of course, but maybe a little too peaceful).
And more than that, Mr. Shaunathan Sprocket, who has organized the whole meeting, came up with the idea of a World Fair, while Salazar Jack offered Kahruvel forest for this event. (I have to find some time to explore Kahruvel more, this place hasn't revealed all its secrets yet).
I felt that day that this could be beginning of a new era. A new world! Industry Marches On!


Salazar Jack said...

I, too, am looking forward to the soon-to-be steampunk city of New Babbage. It is an exciting time. It's my hope that the accretion of talent, knowledge and inventiveness, facilitated by the establishment of New Babbage, will shed additional light on the many mysteries of this world. Onward & Upward!

Captain Yote said...

Hullo there, just stumbled upon your blog and it would seem we have some common interests. Good luck in your ventures and your photography! Perhaps I'll see you in Caledon. What a wonderful place it is!

Natacha Chernov said...

Gentleman, please take my apologies, only today when I switched to new Blogger version I discovered your comments and how to moderate them:( Huh - silly me...