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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Artifact opens

The next day I returned to the excavation site to explore the artifact more and was lucky to met Mr. Blindside himself, working at the artefact at the same moment. He managed to dig out the whole object from the ground and was just adjusting it in vertical position when I disturbed him. We talked, briefly, and he admitted he will be much wiser after he'll remove the mud and dirt from the artifact, which, finally visible, vaguely resembled a cloaked human figure. And of course, there was the heartbeat, stronger maybe this time, but I didn't want to disturbe the archeologist with more questions as he seemed to be quite exhausted. He'll probably attend tonight's Bonfire Night and make some public statement, unfnortunatelly I have some affairs out of town tonight.

I felt comforted more or less, after all, mr. Blindside seemed like he knew what he was doing. That was until today, when I visited the site once more.

The artifact was still there, standing in the same position as Mr. Blindside left it, but there was a huge crack almost at whole it's lenght. It seemed as someone shattered it's surface with a great force, and took anything what was hiding inside. Or, maybe... maybe as something from inside broke the shell and run free. There was a splash of a dark liquid just in front of the artifact, probably blood. Maybe someone tried to use some explosives to disturb the surface of the object, and was hurt? Or maybe someone just stood there when the... thing... from inside broke free and... I hope Mr. Blindside is allright.

The artifact is still standing there, silent, no heartbeat resembling sound could be hear. Just like an empty shell.

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