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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Return to Babbage

Long time ago I left this Journal, same as I left the City of New Babbage. But recent events forced me to wipe the dust from these old pages and start to write again...

It was a cold October day when I stepped out of a ship in Babbage
port, returning to the city once more. The thick Babbage fog covered
the streets as the city train approached my old house in Canals and
the memories came back to me, almost as I've never left. The Porta
Terranum Device, Babbage Cuckoos, Cloud Angel, Prof. Eliot, Nareth
Nishi, The Thirteen Club, Van Creed society, Jasper Renfield, Jason
Moriarty... These names are already half-forgotten in Babbage, only
amongst some street urchins the tales are still told. So when I red
in the Newspaper a short note about the discovery of a strange
artifact under the basement of a destroyed building very close to the
Old Imperial Theatre, the place related very closely to these old
events, I couldn't wait any longer.

After I unpacked my things, I hurried to visit the place of the
discovery. There was the artifact, a large piece of stone still half
burried in the ground. And exactly as the rumor said, there was some
sound, almost like a heartbeat, clearly hearable when I leaned

According to the Newspaper, a famous archeologist Mr Bernard
Blindside was called up to excavate the site and find out more about
the artifact. The only information I was able to find about the
gentleman is that he was the man who discovered the obelisk of
Datramarr, although I'm not familiar with this part of history and
have to admit I have no idea what Datramarr obelisk actually is...

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

It's good to see you back blogging :)