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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter in Caledon

It has been a long time from my last journal entry. I've spend my time mainly in Caledon since then, winter came into the country and lots of pleasant events were held, this season seems to be really amusing. Victoria city has been build, the gate into the Caledon, which central square with merchant caravans has became in a short time a true heart of the town. New shops were open, new residents built their homes, balls and celebrations were arranged almost each week, ice skating, snowball tournaments... I have attended several art shows and exhibitions, bought a Cloud Shifter aircraft, became member of Miss Wind's Society of Undaunted Ladies and just lived joyfull and peacefull life, enjoyed delights of Caledon winter.
And slowly, without even realized it, I started to became lazy.
No adventure. No long time journeys to unknown continents or mysterious islands. No stories. I even stopped writing this journal of mine.
And then I've heard about the Great Caledon Expedition to the mainland. Mr. Desmond Shang in the name of all citizens of Caledon sent forth a group of brave explorers in order to cross the big continent in the East and return with fame and glory. Or return with pieces of knowledge about natives and their customes, and, of course, new territories and markets. Or simply return alive.
I hesistated for a while and in the end decided not to join. Partly because I'll be not able to keep the tracks of my journey periodically, partly for my lack of language ability, but mainly because I have my own plans. The old names started to echo in my head again. Svarga. Shivar. Arcana Nuevo. Isle of Rfyre. Numbakulla island. There are rumors that a steampunk city New Babbage finally has been build. And, of course, Kahruvel forest.
Reading journals and letters from the members of Caledon expedition was only reassuring: after the winter will pass, I'll change the pretty Caledonian dresses for my old traveller's boots and pants (if I'll be able to button them up) and will set up for journeys again.
In the meantime, of course, I'll be following the Caledonian expedition closely and with great anticipation...

The Expedition discussed in public by Desmond Shang

Rusty Buchanan's “Frontier Horizon”

Fist-Hand Account of an Hitherto-Undiscovered Wonders, Dangers and Customs... by Justy Reymond

Proceedings of the Royal Society by its president Kate Nicholas, F.R.S.

Watkin Museum of History by Mylinn Ofeq

The Galloper's Dispatch by Prof. Power

Letters from the Caledonian colony on the Mainland by Fuchsia Begonia & Prof. Avalanche

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