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Monday, August 20, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part five

I've met couple of urchins near the Babbage Townhall: Shay McDowwll, Gin Flow and finally Myrtil Igaly, a girl who was couple of days ago asking me about a man with feathered hat. Shay made some investigation himself, (seems more Babbage urchins are seeking some clues about what's happening here) but – same as me – he's come to the dead end. Myrtil had no idea why her name is on the list, and seemed to be quite scared of it – I believed her. There is still possibility (although I doubt about it) the list contains names of next victims... But what she told me was very interesting.

She met Jason Moriarty on Sunrise island couple of days before - and she described him as a werewolf! He attacked her and several her friends, than vanished, more beast than human. Could it be some result of his previous experiments?
Myrtil asked Loki already about part of the machinery in his possession, but seems the boy has forgotten his Grandfather gave him anything important or weird... so possibly the part of the device is lying in some trunk together with other old stuff or something like that. Possibly...

Finally, we spoke about Nareth E. Nishi, or Prof. Nishi, according to Myrtil. And it was then when Myrtil told us, with quiet voice, that maybe we should take a better look at the new building near the pirate store, the place where Prof. Nishi is “making stuff”. If we will sneak through the backdoor, we will be surprised...
At first I wasn't sure to do that, after all it's a private property, but thinking of all what happened in the last days I realized I had no choice. And so I soon found myself standing in the backyard of the house, first making myself sure nobody's around. I opened the door... and for the next several moments I just stood there breathless (until I've realized closing the door behind me wouldn't be such a bad idea).
On the Prof. Nishi's worktable, surrounded by papers and test-tubes, stood Prof. Elliot's Porta Terrarum Device!

(to be continued)

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