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Monday, August 20, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part four

There was another note found near the body of Mr. Canning, a list of names. I've heard many guesses of what the list does mean, most people believe, it's a list of next victims... but it doesn't make sense to me. Mr. Vella came with interesting theory that those names are people somehow involved with the Porta Terrarum experiment, and that Mr. Canning came here to ask them if they knew something about Prof. Elliot's death. The name of the killer, according to Mr. Vella, could be on that list too, and has been asked incorrect question... which I don't quite believe.

On the list there are names of the urchins, Loki, Ally, Myrtil Igaly and Mckay Beck. But under the line there are two other names. First is Jason Moriarty – is he this mysterious Jason, the first assistant of Prof. Elliot, who made some research of his own and according to Prof. Elliot performed some dark experiments on Babbage street urchins? If so, there are several clues which points out he could be the killer... it even fits Mr. Vella's theory!
The second name is Nareth E. Nishi, a quite, pale, redhead lady I saw several times in Babbage. She is a scientist and will be opening a Palaezoic Museum in Babbage soon...

(to be continued)

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