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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Murder in Babbage!

Again, it has been long long time since my last journal entry. So many things has happened I'm not able to cover them all, not even briefly. Caledon in war with Neualtenburg, Werewolf hunting, several new sims, Allien attack, Steampunk expo, SLRFL events... I'll probabaly come to that again somewhere in the future. But early this month, in Babbage, happened something which led me to this journal again. I'll try to recollect here my notes, since it has been some days ago...

A murder. On the top floor above Loki Elliot Absinthe bar, a dead body was found, with knife in his back. The body was identified as Loki's grandfather, Alexander Elliot. I've visited this place, the body still there, with notes cluterred all over the floor. While reading them a strange story was arising, and as I red further and further, I found myself more and more involved in that mystery...

It seems Alexander Elliot was working on some great and dangerous invention. He was performing experiments on the Sunrise Island, and probably discovered forces such strong that failure of the last experiment has blown up the whole island and left only circle of atolls around the crater.

Anyway, after this catastrophe Alexander Elliot apparently stopped the experiments and destroyed his invention. Well, not really destroyed, he divided it into three parts, one he gave to his grandson Loki, the other to some urchin named Ally Wunder with instructions to pass it to some contact in Caledon. The last part he hid somewhere... There was also a note about someone called Jason, probably his assistant, who begun some experiments of his own – Prof. Elliot disagreed with his behaviour. And mysterious Van Greed Society, which he seemed to be scared of... Maybe it was them who killed him? But who are they?
The first step seemed to be explore the place of the disaster, the Sunrise Island, a little more...
(to be continued)


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Dear Ms Chernov,

Firstly, let me say how glad I am that you have returned to your blog - I love your take on Caledon life and your photos are just gorgeous.

Secondly, let me share your shock at such a grizzly find for I made the very same discovery only a few days ago myself. Please let me know what you uncover on Sunrise Island - and if desire a companion with a trusty Webley, please do not hesitate to conatct me.

Yours in Travel. And Mystery!
Headburro Antfarm

Natacha Chernov said...

Dear Mr. Antfarm!

Thank you for your kind offer, I'll probably contact you somewhere in the future. Right now I have a pack of notes from past days relevant to this case and I'm trying to rewrite them here. The discovery of poor Prof. Elliot's corpse was only a beginning!