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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part seven

I've met Loki Elliot finally, on the rooftops of Babbage, while he was building a plank walks above the roofs. The urchins are scared to walk the streets, so they'll be walking the roofs instead. Besides it's more fun I guess.
Loki didn't know his grandfather very well, he even had no idea the old man was hiding next door to him all the time... he described him as a mad scientist who didn't care about his family. Loki's father died in some accident in the distillery years ago (although Loki have never seen his body – interesting, maybe I should find more about this accident), so I understood Loki can be upset his grandfather was hiding even from him, and the boy thought he was completely alone... And, exactly as Myrtil told me, Loki have no idea of the part of the device he should be given to. He invited me to his party, which will be held in Absinthe house. Don't know if it's good idea, all urchins on one place, announced far in advance, they could be an easy target to whoever wants to harm them. I hope I'll manage to buy some firearm before the event, somehow I have the feeling going there with bare hands would be a mistake...

Later I was going through my notes again, and seems I was wrong about two things at least. First, it's not clear Prof. Elliot has actually given the part of the device to Loki. “The second part is with my grandson...” What exactly does it mean?
Second – I can't remember how did I get the idea Jason Moriarty was Prof. Eliot first assistant. From the note it's clear he was one of the volunteers, who has developed psychotic behavior and started his own experiments on urchins. And another thing – Prof. Elliot was hiding both from Van Greed society and from “The Thirteen”. Are they the same group of people?
Other I've learned from Loki: his grandfather owned not only small workshop under the attic, but whole opera house. And, no one of urchins has seen Ally Wunder for some time. Loki told me that Jason Moriarty, not a wolf, but human, was looking for him and for Ally on Sunrise...
(to be continued...)


Skusting Dagger said...

Mayor Sprocket would be wise in retaining your services regarding the investigations of these grizzly murders. It would seem you are a much more intrepid sleuth than the bumbling incompetents known as the Bow Street Police.
I look forward to meeting you at Master Loki's party and grand opening of his cafe upon Friday.
Should you care to meet me any earlier, I can be found at the cafe most evenings.
ever at your service
Skusting Dagger

Natacha Chernov said...

Thank you, Mr. Dagger, for your appreciation, although I have still feeling I'm going in circles... Hope to meet you at todays party at Loki's cafe.

Anonymous said...


Excellent sleuthing on your part! I have been on holiday, and was not even aware there was a second murder! Now I feel rather flighty for indulging myself with relaxation when there is such serious business afoot.

Although I cannot feign to understand the full implications of what you have discovered, I will certainly inform you if I come across any other information that might be useful to you in unravelling this mystery.

Cyn Peccable

Anonymous said...

Seems none of the kids know very much about anything.

Wunder has been missing for almost a month, at this point.