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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part six

I was in shock. The mysterious invention, separated into three parts, none of them could be find, the thing that already has caused two murders, was here, just lying on the table. What should I do? That would prove Prof. Nishi is involved into these murders, maybe she's even the killer herself! She has found the hidden part and somehow obtained second part from the Loki, and while Ally had given the last part to Mr. Cannings, she killed him... but why would she need the device? Is she in touch with “The Thirteen” or Van Greed society? She's scientist, so maybe she knows how to use the device... her name was on the list... But there seemed to be something wrong with this all. The device. It looked almost exactly like on Prof. Elliots drawing... except the small part named there as “Babbage Mark 6”. Although it's not very clear from the picture, it looks different. And whole device seemed to be too polished, too... new. But why would be Miss Nishi interested in making a new device? Does she try to repeat Elliot's experiment? I decided better not tell anyone for now, and speak with Miss Nishi first.

Walking the streets of Babbage, thinking about those mysteries, I've runned upon Mckay Beck, another urchin whose name appears on the list. Before I could talk to him, Prof Nishi appeared together with Miss Paine, and tried to learn something about those list of names from him, but he seemed to have no idea, same as Myrtil before. He apparently knows about Elliot's experiment, but told us he is not allowed to talk about it,... he was scared . But the one who seemed to be most scared was Miss Nishi. She too had no idea why her name is on the list. Later I talked to Myrtil again and I learned somebody has told Bow Street police and they discovered the device in Miss Nishi's lab and closed the place for further investigation.

I was trying to talk to Miss Nishi, but she is very distant and apparently doesn't believe anyone. No wonder. Too many people are already involved... But I'm still not sure which side she is standing on. I have to be careful...
Right now, the urchins seem to be the key to solve this mystery...
(to be continued)

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