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Friday, August 17, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part two

I've arrived to the island of Sunrise and met there Mr. Tintas Vella, a fellow explorer who has visited me recently in my house in Babbage. This island is home of Loki Elliot, a grandson of murdered Prof. Elliot, and his friends. Now I realized the whole complex of small islands is truly an atoll, which appeared to form it's topology only after the disaster.

But the inside lagoon seemed calm and peaceful, with nothing strange there, as far as I could tell from the beach. The whole place looked like perfect vacation spot, until a strange woman appeared and shouted something about zombies in the cave, than run away. Perhaps she was just mad, but what if this could be some result of Prof. Elliot's experiment? I decided explore this later, since meanwhile I've found Minehouse Laboratory on the hill, a place which was somewhere in the past occupied by Prof. Elliot.

And there, finally, I discovered a schematic of his invention, “Porta Terranum Device”.

Three parts, one in the possession of his grandson, one carried by Ally Wunder into the Caledon, one still hidden somewhere. But where? From the note on the desk I understood Alexander Elliot had a laboratory under the attic of the old Imperial theater in Babbage, the same occupied by urchins at the present time...
(to be continued)

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