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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Murder in Babbage - part three

I've returned to the Babbage together with Mr. Vella, and we searched for the missing part of Alexander Elliot's invention under the attic of Imperial Theater which I considered to be his workspace.

We found nothing. I have a suspicion the missing part could be a giant cog, or some piece of the machinery which is turning and ticking under the attic floor, but it doesn't fit the drawing anyway... But still: what is purpose of the giant machinery in that room?

Later it occurred I had focused so much on finding the missing part of the invention than the really important things I seemed missed. I've met a young girl, one of the Babbage urchins, who wanted to speak with some policeman here and asked me whether I know someone in Caledon who wears feathered hat. According to her that man should be the “Caledon contact” to whom Ally Wunder should have passed the second piece of the invention. I didn't payed much attention to what she said, unfortunately, as it occurred later...
In the evening, I've recieved a note from Mr. Vella. Another murder. This time, the victim was Mr. Giles Canning. Again knife in his back with note stabbed to the body. And while the police was closing the area, I noticed the feather on the victim's hat...

There were a note, and a phonograph cylinder, with recording from the disaster on Sunrise Island. Mr. Canning is mentioned there as an assistant of Alexander Elliot. Now he is also dead. Which leads me to several questions: how many people was at the time of the experiment helping Prof. Elliot? Where are they now? Whose voice is it on the recording? Who are “The Thirteen”, signed under the note? They apparently desperately wants to stay secret. The note speak about Prof. Elliot's first assistant, while on the phonograph Mr. Canning was called “new” assistant... Was the first assistant Jason, mentioned in some previous note of Prof. Elliot? Seems so. The “13” wanted to warn Mr. Canning against “first assistant”, that's clear from the note...So is this Jason responsible for this murder? And if the victim really was the “Caledon contact”, has Ally found him before he was killed? Because if so, the second part of the invention is now in the possession of the killer.

“The Thirteen” wanted Mr. Canning to get rid of any evidence that could prove his connection with Sunrise experiment, and since the phonograph cylinder was found near the body, I presume he was trying to do so. But he was too late...
One thing from the phonograph recording was clear: seems on Sunrise Island Prof. Elliot probably found the way how to open the gate to another dimension...

The recording from Sunrise cylinder

(to be continued)

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